About the Guild


The Guild of Health Writers is a national, independent, membership organisation representing many of Britain’s leading health journalists and writers. Many other individuals and organisations maintain close links with the Guild as Friends or Associate Members.

The Guild was founded in 1994 to promote high professional standards and provide good quality, accurate health information to the public. It encompasses the whole spectrum of health and wellbeing, from innovative medical science to complementary therapies and lifestyle issues.

The Guild of Health Writers is a not-for-profit organisation. Income is derived primarily from subscriptions and sales of the GHW Members’ Directory. Some events and publications are sponsored by commercial organisations to help cover costs.

What we do

  • Provide members with information, contacts and networking opportunities
  • Publish a detailed membership directory which is free to all members and is an invaluable resource for editors
  • Produce a free bimonthly newsletter, packed with useful resources, essential news for our journalists as well as topical debate
  • Provide free or discounted entry to GHW seminars and workshops
  • Hold informal receptions where Guild members and invited specialists have the opportunity to network
  • Establish links with other relevant organisations to further the aims of the Guild and help its members
  • Hold an Awards event to recognise and applaud top quality health journalism
  • Acts as an information resource
  • Publicise job opportunities

The Guild encourages the highest professional standards in health writing, and its members must agree to abide by the Guild’s Constitution and Code of Ethics.

The Guild aims to provide its members with impartial information, training, networking opportunities and a forum for balanced debate.

It does this largely through the members’ only areas of the website, and by organising regular seminars and workshops, involving leading figures and experts from the health service and academic research.

Just what some of our members say…

“The Guild is about promoting pride in health journalism and maintaining  high standards  but also about providing  friendship, support,  practical seminars, networking opportunities …..and some great parties.”
Jo Waters, former Guild Chair

“The Guild was like a breath of fresh air. I joined because of my interest in complementary therapies and my respect for science and mainstream, medicine. The Guild seemed to fuse the two – rigorous, yet open minded.  Down the years, the workshops and seminars have been brilliant – informative and fun – and I’ve made some terrific friends. Here’s to the next 20 years!”
Barbara Rowlands, Director of the Magazine Journalism MA, City University London.

“Guild members are so interesting, have such a wide variety of skills, backgrounds and experience. Events are stimulating allowing me to keep up to date and use the information in my writing & talks. I am always made welcome and have met people who until now, have been names in the press but I can now put a face to the name.  Events are also great for networking and finding out what others are up to in the field of health writing.” 
Jill Leslie, Guild member