Thursday 18 October, 11am-1pm, Royal Festival Hall, Ground Floor

Health writing can be rewarding, satisfying and exciting – but we know it can also sometimes be challenging, for all sorts of reasons. Isolation can be a particular issue for freelancers – which is why we’ve decided to start running regular cafes to bring health writers together. Come along to meet other writers and share your inspirations and successes – and your frustrations and difficulties. As long as it relates to life as a health writer, any topic is welcome.

The Health Writers Café is an opportunity to meet your peers in an informal, relaxed way. We’ll be running it on a monthly basis and there’s no need to let us know you’re coming – if you wake up that morning and decide it’s a good day to get out of the house, come and join us. The RFH has free wifi if you decide to stay and work afterwards.

Find us on the ground floor – we’ll update the Guild Facebook page with a precise location once we’re there, or message us on one of the email addresses below if you can’t find us, and we will let you know exactly where we are. 

To find out more, please email co-hosts Colleen: or Charlotte: