Services for non-members of the Guild

How we can help you

We offer a range of services to non-members, including:

Address list service

If you have bought a copy of the current Guild Directory you are also entitled to purchase membership address lists for a small fee. Email the Guild administrator, with your purchase request.

If you are a commercial organisation that has not subscribed to the directory but would like to, please click here to subscribe.

Mailing service

If you are not a Guild member, and do not subscribe to the directory, the Guild can still send leaflets, flyers or letters to all Guild members for a reasonable rate. We provide the stamps and envelopes and mail out your information. Cost will vary according to the weight of the material to be distributed. Email the Guild administrator with your request.

Please note, a handful of Guild members are not available for mail shots. Also note that the Guild does not place inserts on behalf of other organisations in Guild mailings

Job advertisements

The Guild publicises job vacancies or work opportunities to all of its members for a reasonable rate.

You  can email an advertisement direct to the Guild’s 200 members. Email the Guild administrator, with your request.

Or you can place an advertisement in the Guild Newsletter, published bi-monthly, and emailed to all Guild members. (We do not place inserts in the Guild Newsletter). Email the Guild administrator, with your request.

If there is something you feel we might be able to help you with, do get in contact through our Contact Us page.